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Unique Kebab Knife & Catering is a specialist kitchen equipment supply company, providing our clients with what we know to be the best kitchen equipment at the best price backed up by a world-class level of service.

Our specialist area is, of course, in Kebab Knives and we are proud to be able to offer you the Original (and still the best) Kebab Knife in the business – The Topline. Unique Kebab Knife are the originators and now the direct supplier of the Topline Kebab Knife; a revolution in the industry when it was first launched and now, some 20 years later the highest quality piece of equipment in its class.

How does that benefit you? The Topline comes with an full 12 month guarantee when you buy from us (some of the individual components come with a 25 year guarantee!) and if you ever have a problem with our Topline (our records show that this is very unlikely!) – just give us a call and see how quickly and efficiently we respond to your problem.

Topline Heavy Duty Kebab Slicer

The Topline Kebab Knife is not the cheapest Kebab Knife on the market to buy, but when you consider that investing in a Topline will give you many years of reliable service, the costs of owning this superb piece of equipment is only a few pence per day! In addition, the cost of our replacement parts is actually quite reasonable when compared to those of our ‘Heavy Duty’ competitors – check out all these details before you decide to buy!  And our super responsive service means that should The Topline Kebab Knife stop working, our service team will be on the case immediately, either sending you the appropriate replacement part or should the equipment need workshop attention, a replacement loan machine to tide you over until your machine can be restored to full functionality.

Amazing service is our byword!

Over the past 20 years I have gained vast experience in the industry – through producing the Topline Kebab Slicer and by owning several Hot-Food Takeaway’s myself – and so, I am able to bring my expertise to you in the equipment that I offer on these pages; I know that the equipment I offer for sale here is  ‘tried and tested’ by people like you, whose business demands the best and most reliable kitchen equipment available.

Please take the time to browse our pages and take some extra time reading the testimonials from our clients; we are proud to have them as customers and delighted that they rate our services so highly.

I also have expertise in helping companies set up their business, and can advise on the right type and numbers of equipment that is needed for specific businesses, taking into account all of the variables that affect a business supplying food to the public, such as location , potential footfall, competition and size of premises. See our consultancy section.

I hope to hear from you soon

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